Recovery Run

The sun hadn’t even risen when we arrived at the beach for Tuesday’s 6.2 mile recovery run from Sunday’s half marathon. It took a mile or two to get my legs loose and feeling good, but I made the decision these recovery runs are important because it releases all the tension.  It stretches my back and legs, and helps me clear my thoughts and get focused for the day. When I arrive at the beach, I stood gazing at the calm of the water and enjoyed the soft breeze on my face. I’ve never felt more alive that early in the morning as I’m with my running partner (my husband) as we are both in awe of a new day.  I realized how grateful I am to not only be able to get up and go for a run but to have a running partner side by side, sometimes we talk about life and other times we are silent, or my ear buds are in the ears as I listen to music, it’s a way we connect with each other every morning.  This time we spend together is one of the most precious and cherished times I get to spend all day.  As in other recovery programs you continue to work out the kinks of life, loosen up the body, mind and spirt so you can have a productive day.  Even if you are not a runner you can always start your day with a walk outside, nothing better than to connect with yourself, another person, and nature.

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