Marybeth Hrim has an empathic gift. It’s not the science fiction or fantasy based ability to share feelings with others, her gift is based in the ability to access what people are feeling or the feelings that they are attempting to hide. As a psychotherapist the empathic connection that Marybeth brings to her therapy sessions sets her apart from other therapists. This “blink” ability to borrow the apt description from Malcom Gladwell is only heightened by the the 20 years of post licensure experience that Marybeth has amassed.

Fortunately for society, Marybeth has dedicated her professional life to helping people, families, and children achieve a sense of wellbeing and purpose when faced with trauma, injury, or mental illness. The roots of Marybeth’s abilities can be traced back to a childhood that was bookended with being born with a hole in her heart and ultimately having open heart surgery at the age of 10. Marybeth was forced to learn who was being truthful about her condition and who was not at a very young age.

Her surgery was a success to the point where she has now completed over 50 1/2 marathons, 100’s of shorter races, and has her RRCA running coach certification. It’s this combination of dedication and empathy that Marybeth brings to all of her endeavors and ultimately to the clients she serves.

When she is not running and training, Marybeth loves on her grown children and is an avid reader. She is nearing completion on her first book about relationships and will soon add published author to her list of accolades.

BSW, State University of New York, Brockport
MSW, Barry University
LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Florida, SW6006
MBA, Nova Southeastern University