How to eat healthy when you go out to a restaurant



How to eat healthy when you go out to a restaurant

lost thirteen pounds since last week.  started the week at 218 pounds

July 3rd, 2016 — Week 7
[205 lbs]

Having gastric bypass surgery doesn’t mean you give up all the good things in life, such as eating out at your favorite restaurant.  It has been months since we eat at a restaurant.  Not that we ate out much before because we didn’t.  We enjoy cooking at home. But from time to time we just enjoy a change of venue and a different taste in food.  This weekend was our 34th wedding anniversary and we decided to treat ourselves to one of our many favorite restaurants.  We chose Longhorn Steakhouse for our first post-surgery outing.  Steak is one of our favorite foods, plus it’s high in protein.  Eating out in a restaurant doesn’t have to be a major chore to stick with the high protein/low carb diet.  You just need know how much protein versus carbs you consume.  Most restaurant menus are high in carbohydrates and low on the protein.  You see a high protein/low carb diet is called “The elitist” diet.  You don’t have to be rich to eat high protein/low carb.  In the end this diet will save you money.

So, how do you eat healthy and stick to your program when eating out?  Here are 5 tips to keep you on track:

  • Scan the menu for protein first foods. Most menus offer turkey, steak, chicken, tuna, eggs, or ham, and pork.  Remember protein first!
  • Share a meal with you partner or friend. (Not only is the portion size smaller, but it’s much cheaper).
  • Talk to your waitress/waiter and let him/her know you had gastric bypass. You will be pleasantly surprised how supportive he/she will be.  Our waitress this weekend was wonderful and shared she had a friend who was 7 years post-surgery and lost a ton of weight and has kept it off because they continue to stick with the program!
  • Remember the 30/30 rule. No drinking 30 minutes before meal and set your timer for 30 minutes after you have eaten.  When the waitress/waiter asks you what you’d like to drink, just ask for a to go cup of water and set it aside until 30 minutes after your meal.
  • If the portions are still too big even if you share the meal, ask for a “doggy container before you dig in. Eat only small portions.  If the food is in front of you then you will feel obligated to eat it all. So, it’s best to divide your meal and save the rest for later.

What we experienced this weekend by eating out is a lot of foods are high in carbohydrates and the portion sizes are enough to feed several other tables. The wait staff will bring you bread, butter, drinks high in calories just for starters.  When you get your meal you may have ordered a steak but it comes with potatoes, starchy vegetables, and a salad.   Obesity causes many health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, and depression just to name a few.  You can still enjoy food and eating at your favorite restaurant but be mindful of the portion sizes and they type of foods you are consuming.  Be well and remember wellness is the key to a rich life.