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Please Join me for this exciting group.  A weekly meeting mixed with exercise, therapeutic skills to help you decrease stress, anxiety, and depression which will help increase  your overall happiness in your life. 

 If you experience mild to moderate anxiety, depression, or PTSD This Group is for You

Research proves that 30-40 minutes of activity followed by talk therapy helps improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Walk or walk/run with a highly-trained, licensed therapist and a RRCA coach along the beautiful beaches of Jupiter, Florida. We lead a fun group therapy session that combines exercise and psychoeducational talk therapy. We cover a specific topic that effectively helps combat anxiety, depression, and the daily stressors of life.  

Each healing journey is an hour and a half long followed by breakfast and begins with a walk/run at 6:45 a.m. 

Our upcoming run/walk/talk session begins September 14th, 2019.

Cost is $40 per session. $60 per couple

 Space is limited and get your free Sole Talk embroidered towel.  

For more information Please call Marybeth Hrim (561) 373-1509 or (561)767-9955

Individual Single Session


Individual 4 Sessions

$152 (save 5%)

Couples Single Session


Couples 4 Sessions

$228 (save 5%)