Here we are week six post gastric bypass surgery.  It seems like six minutes.  Time has flown.  We have finally reached the point in the recovery process to where we can go back to “life as normal.”  Well, almost normal.  The most exciting part is there is a new normal that is even better than the old normal.  After the first two weeks of a liquid only diet and four weeks of puree food we are now back to eating a regular diet.  The regular diet is high protein, low carbohydrates, and low sugar.  It’s amazing how many foods are high in carbs and sugar.  The high carbs and sugar is what not only puts the weight on but also depletes your energy.  As most of you know when we started this journey I am also a participant.  I changed my diet from a very high carb, high sugar, and high fat diet to a high protein, low carb diet.  And it really really works!!

lost three pounds since last week.  started the week at 221 pounds

June 25th, 2016 — Week 6
[218 lbs]

This journey of a healthy lifestyle began six years ago when we began running in half marathons and 5K’s.  Just exercise wasn’t enough to help lose the weight.  It wasn’t until December 2015 when Kevin had a health scare that we got real serious about our diet.  As I mentioned above our diet was high carbs, high sugar, and high fat.  This diet is a heart attack waiting to happen!  When we attended the workshop on gastric bypass we knew diet was the biggest change that needed to be made.  The first meeting with Dr. Radecke (from Sebastian River Medical Center) told us both “The first thing that should pass your lips is protein. If it isn’t protein spit it out!”  We were then given a list of foods full of protein, when I looked at the list I said to myself, “I can do this!”  It had all of my favorite foods; steak, chicken, pork, cheese, and eggs just to name a few.  The hard part was to dump the bread, pasta, rice, Hershey kisses (that I love), and chocolate chip cookies.

It took me two months to ween off of all the high carbs that I ate first, but once I got myself on a regular high protein 60 grams a day diet I began to feel better.  I have much more energy than I’ve ever had, plus since April I have lost over 14lbs!  I haven’t been this weight since my 30’s and it feels great!  Kevin has lost almost 77 lbs.  Getting back to the “big people food, he’s able to tolerate most foods.  What he needs to be mindful of is to eat slow and eat less.  The portion sizes have decreased in six weeks.  The benefits of eating a high protein diet is you eat less, feel full, keeps you full, and you aren’t hungry throughout the day.  And your energy level is through the roof!  High protein/low carb diet is the key to wellness.


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