Leadership in the Family Unit


Who is the true leader in your family?  Does it  have to be one person or the other?  Is the man the only leader?  These questions are important if you are going to have a functional family unit.  Most families just do life by the seat of their pants and don’t ever defer important items to the person that is the most gifted in it.  For example, my husband is poor at the financial management of the home.  Sure he has a job, makes a great living but that does not mean he can effectively take care of bills, save money, and run the household.  If he had to do I’m sure he would be fine, but he does not excel in that area.

I have always been the financial manager of the household.  This does not mean my husband is less of a man because it’s not his area of expertise.  By him trusting me in this role shows he is comfortable with allowing me to run the household.  I do run a tight ship and proud of it!  I on the other hand is not good at the grocery shopping.  I hate stores and shopping to me is a waste of time.  My husband on the other hand absolutely loves it!!

He can shop in a store for hours and read every label and every price tag to make sure we are getting the most healthy foods and the best deals.  He is the leader of the grocery shopping and it gets me off the hook by doing something I despise.  He despises managing the bills and other financial items.


So, my message to you is what ever works in your marriage to get the job done.  Working as a team is important.  Not all women love to shop and not all men love finances.  You both are leaders of the household. That’s why you are together.  Two is better than one!