The Right tool for the job

Recently I visited my primary care doctor for an ear infection.  I knew when I made the appointment I would be seeing the Nurse practitioner as opposed to the doctor.  Granted I already knew what I had and just wanted medication for it, since this was an ongoing problem for the past few months. I thought I would take a short cut, and who knows my body better than anyone else?  Me!!


I arrived all confident the ear infection would be resolved in a few days and I’d feel better.  Plus, it was just starting so I thought I’d catch it before it got worse.  I had seen the same nurse practitioner for the other three infections over the course of the past three months.  She did her thing and looked in my ear and verified, yes indeed I had an infection. I then said ok, are you putting me on the same antibiotic as before (amoccillian 250 mg?) Yes, that’s what will clear it up in the next few days.  I said, “Great” and was on my way to the pharmacy to pick my medication.


I religiously took my medication for over five days as directed 3 times a day.  But on day three my ear was so plugged I couldn’t hear out of it along with it being even more painful.  By Sunday I felt awful and wanted to go to urgent care (which I didn’t), but that’s how bad I was feeling.  I decided instead I would make an appointment to with an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (a specialist). I felt it was time.  I know I needed my ear cleaned out and possibly eardrops.  I actually got an appointment rather quickly with an ENT doctor and did indeed get my ear cleaned out and put on ear drop antibiotics because the oral antibiotics weren’t doing anything to clear up the infection

The moral to the story here is we often wait until things get so bad to reach out to a professional that is highly trained in whatever the issues that can be cleared up.  A general practitioner is fine for minor issues; such as, flu/cold symptoms, minor infections, and general health check ups.  But a specialist is there for the needs of that one area that needs special and specific attention.  The ENT doctor had the right tool to clean my ears and clear up excess inside.  The same is true for a psychotherapist.  We have the right tools to help you come up with the proper solutions.  Why go to someone with little or no credentials?  It could make matter worse.

If you are having an issue with life there is specialize care waiting for you.  We so often feel the need to control our lives and feel we can do it ourselves or ignore the problem and it will go away.  Sometimes it will, but more often than not it’s like a sore that will either get infected and keep coming back.  When it’s chronic that’s when specialized help is needed but understand it will take longer because you waited.  Just like I waited several months and it took four ear infections to get the proper help, and let me tell you it’s not going away fast. It’s a slower process, but it will resolve itself.  Take care of yourself and get the special care you deserve now!