Marybeth Hrim, LCSW, MBA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (SW6006)

Cultivate Harmony within yourself, your family, and your workplace.

Are you struggling with failure, shame, or grief? Are there days where you feel lost and stuck?  Maybe you feel drinking or drug use has interfered with work, relationships, or family.  Is your marriage on a downhill spiral and you just feel out of control?  There is hope and help waiting for you.  I am passionate about the opportunity to help get you on the right path, going in the right direction, and begin to cultivate harmony in your life.

Anxiety maybe triggering memories of past trauma that you didn’t realize would affect you now.  Memories of past events can bring out behaviors and fear in our lives today. Whatever you may be facing now that is keeping you from fully enjoying your life, scheduling a Free  30 minute consultation session and I will help identify how I can help you; so you can begin to live your life to the fullest.

As your therapist I am committed to help.  I will create a safe and trusting environment, and listen intently to your needs with strict confidentiality. Together we will create a life care plan to get you on the path to a joyful life.

I am here to serve and support you in a professional manner. I work with individuals, families, and groups from brief to long-term therapy.  I also offer educational seminars to help you in preparation for marriage, marriage restoration, workplace issues, how to lead yourself and your family, self-awareness and self-esteem issues, and much more to keep you on the path.

Please call for your free consultation:  561-373-1509.  I look forward to working with you.